Bar Be Que Tandoors

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  • Elegant Design for Restaurant & Hotel
  • Top 16/18 Gage Thickness Stainless Steel(SS) 304 Food Grade
  • Side Covering 18/20 Gage Thickness Stainless Steel(SS) 304 Food Grade
  • Core Material : Stainless Steel
  • Insulation : Double Glass Wool
  • Grade : 304/20
  • Dimension : As Per Your Requirement
  • Oprated : Gas/Charcoal/Electric
  • Wheel : Heavy Duty
Bar Be Que Tandoor(Gas/Charcoal)
Bar Be Que Griller(Gas/Charcoal)
Wood Fire Pizza Oven
Length Width Mouth/Inner Dia Height with wheel Height without wheel Weight (Approx)
" 16" 12" 30" 30" 122Kg

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